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A Geological Cabinet of Curiosity

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A Passion for Rocks

These digistories are based on recordings made during sessions at Tolson Museum.  The recordings formed part of the process of creating the cabinet: participants talked about their interest in and experience of geology, about their personal collections and about special objects they were happy to contribute to the cabinet. 


Members of Huddersfield Geology Group met four times to design and complete their cabinet.  This is one of several interviews with group members that formed part of the Cabinet of Curiosities exhibition at Tolson Museum from June to October 2009.


Alison Tymon tells us about her journey into geology and her life long passion.


Derek Berryman explains how his adventurous spirit led him to far-flung places and a growing interest in the rocks beneath his wandering feet.


Thanks to Andrew Krasinski, Jan Roddan and John Wheeler who also contributed to the cabinet.

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