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A Children's Cabinet of Curiosity

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A few of my favourite things

This digistory is a compilation of interviews with Home Learners, children who are educated at home by their parents.  It is based on eight interviews recorded at Huddersfield Art Gallery, where the Home Learners group meets once a month. 

The interviews were recorded as part of the process of creating a Cabinet of Curiosity which reflected the spirit of the group and the individuals who make up the group.  The children thought long and hard about selecting things that were important to them, but not so special that they couldn't live without them for the duration of the exhibition! 

The complete interviews formed part of the Cabinets of Curiosity exhibition at Tolson Museum from June to October 2009.

Jack and George Hardwick share their toy collections, Linnet Kinder her teapot collection, Thom Wood-Jones his hobby whilst Columba Porter spent a day pottering about in the river to collect objects to put in the cabinet.  Jane Wood, a parent, reveals a magpie spirit shared by many.

Click here to watch the Children's Cabinets of Curiosity digi story!

Thanks to Rosie, Chiron, Mandy, Luca, Dianne, Matilda, Xander, Malachy, Clare and Graham who also contributed to the Home Learners’ cabinet.

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