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A Day in the Life of a Sheffield Forgemasters' Apprentice

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Compare Life of Steel Workers from Different Ages

Our 'sister' website,, hosts an online learning resource that provides an insight into how work life in the Sheffield steel industry has changed since Victorian times.

Short audio responses from steel workers and 'Little Mesters' and spoken extracts from the White Report of 1865, are accompanied by a quiz and related questions and quotes for classroom discussion.

The resource investigates perceived traditions within the steel community such as changes in work wear, conditions, training and what people spend their first pay packet on. It can be used to investigate ‘changes’ using snapshots from three eras – Victorian times, the 1950s and the 2000s.

Click the 'Related Link' below to investigate the learning journey 'A Day in the Life of a Young Sheffield Steel Worker'.

Document iconStory provided by: Kelham Island Museum

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