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Gledhill Brooks Tills and Time Recorders

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Gledhill Brooks Tills and Time Recorders

Gledhill Brooks was famous for the accuracy of its machinery and the quality of the materials used.   The firm was established by the Gledhill family in Halifax in 1886.   In 1912 the firm bought Frank Brooks’ time recording business and went on to own three factories in Halifax and one in Huddersfield.

In 1964 the time recorder company was sold to Simplex Time Recorder Company in the USA.   The business closed in 1975.

The video records Gledhill Brook as a place to work, while the audio clip records Gledhill Brooks’ work during the Second World War, told by the daughter of one of the employees.  (Click the Video/Audio links below).

The time recorder in this video was donated to the Kirklees Collections in 2009.   It was made in 1944 at Empire Works, Huddersfield.   The recorder had been used in a Huddersfield mill and was stored in a garden shed before finding its way to the museum.

Document iconStory provided by: Tolson Museum

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