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Time on my hands

time on my hands
This project is a partnership between three Holderness Museums: Hedon Museum, Hornsea Museum and Withernsea Lighthouse Museum. Opening/Meeting Times:
For individual or group visits contact Lyz (see contact details).

The project records the memories of people growing up in and around the Holderness area of East Yorkshire before and during the war years. Already over 30 people from Holderness have recorded their stories. The museums are holding a series of memory afternoons and the project officer visits retirement homes and individuals to enable as many people as possible to tell their story.

Contributions will be shown at the museums and everyone taking part will get a copy of their recording.

Contact Details:
Lyz Turner, Time on my hands Project Officer, Withernsea Lighthouse Museum, Tel: 01964 614834, Mobile: 07828 870342, E-mail:  

Community Programmes:
Oral history, local history, volunteering opportunities, community engagement

The Three Holderness Museums

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